Hippie Clothing Stores

Hippie clothes may be dated for some people but they continue to sell in some of the best hippie clothing stores that can be found online. If there are some customers who see the hippie clothing as dated, there are those who are fashion-forward who see a lifestyle in hippie clothing. One main reason why hippie clothes are still highly popular can be linked to movies that were made with the spirit of hippie. Just take the case of Cameron Crowe’s ‘Almost Famous’ where the hippie lifestyle and clothing takes center stage. All the basic elements of the hippie look can be found in the movie as exemplified by Penny Lane, the character played by Kate Hudson. Some of the best elements that can be found on the clothes include the use of bright colors, headbands, flowers and peace signs that can be found on clothes.

The hippie culture and fashion sense is still a hit and you can wear the fashion that launched a lifestyle by working with hippie clothing stores. By carefully selecting the hippie clothing stores where you will shop for clothes, you can easily find the hippie clothes that are best for your body and personality and confidently show off your own interpretation of hippie style.

Hippie Clothes Suggestions for Women, Just like other types of fashion styles, there are certain signature items that you can associate with hippie clothes. If you are a woman then you can start off with bell bottom jeans accentuated by a big belt. An alternative to the bell bottom jeans are the wrap pants that can be ordered from hippie clothing stores. These wrap pants are free flowing, comes with flowing design and lighter to wear. The wrap design for the pants will ensure that you will get a comfortable fit. To complete the look there are other clothing items found in hippie clothing stores that should be part of the ensemble and closet. Don’t forget to include your halter tops, headbands in colorful designs and accessories like beads. You can also count on the peasant blouses.

Hippie Clothes Suggestions for Men, The style selections for men are almost similar to women selections. To get that hippie look, you can also order the bell bottom pants, t-shirt topped with a leather vest plus leather sandals. Men can also invest in hoodies, from hand-woven hoodies to those with psychedelic designs and inspirations. Shorts that can be partnered with hoodies or t-shirts are available at hippie clothing stores are recommended as well.

Suggestions for Accessories to Complete the Hippie Look, The hippie look is also known for the accessories that come with it. For women, bags and beads are highly suggested for women. Fringe shoulder bags, corduroy messenger bags and Boho shoulder bags are best used to complement the women’s hippie look. Other top accessories that are supplied and made available on hippie clothing stores include headbands in different colors, skull cap hats, gypsy scarf and the iconic peace sign pendant. Sunglasses should be included into the mix as well and some of the best sunglasses to choose are 60s style rounded sunglasses and rounded glasses with pot leaf designs. All these clothing suggestions can be mixed and matched as long as the clothes are colorful and you wear these with confidence.